Strategic Food Retail proposes step-change solutions in online order fulfillment, format innovation and in-store service to enable brick and mortar food retailers to respond more effectively to the accelerating pace of change in the industry. 

  • Format innovation: A future store concept that combines the convenience of shopping online with the pleasure of picking one's own fresh food, helped by staff who are there not just to show you where products are, but to give you informed advice on how to eat more healthily, waste less food, and make cooking easier, more varied, and enjoyable.

  • In-store service: our unique SEE program (Stimulate, Engage, Empower) is designed to take in-store service to a new level that customers need and deserve, while reducing labour costs as a percentage of sales. We help food retailers SEE their staff better, so they can SEE customers better.

  • Strategic advice: our deep understanding of the economics of online vs offline food retailing, the advantages and weaknesses of current best-in-class models, and close relationship with a leading innovator in picking automation means we are uniquely placed to advise on how best to get ahead of the competition in the omni-channel world.

  • Internal motivation: we are passionate about and enjoy what we are doing and it tends to be contagious. We can help build internal traction and momentum for those just starting along the e-commerce path or those who recognise the need to accelerate existing plans.